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This review applies to version 1.1. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Epson Connect Printer Setup is a utility designed to enable Epson Connect so you can print emails, documents, or photos from any device that can send an email.

This utility is required for Epson Email Print, Remote Print or Scan To Cloud. No other software is required for Epson Email Print or Scan To Cloud.

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    Guest 4 months ago

    I have purchased epson L355 and successfully installed it in my laptop. When I was installing it in my desktop, it generated a communication error. I want to know about it error. How to improve it?

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    Guest 5 months ago

    Agree, all what I want to do is connect my iPhone and iPad to a XP-410; what a desaster, all kind of totally useless info but no clear step-by-step instructions. Unbelievable. Never again Epson. Will return the printer.

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    Guest 5 months ago

    All I'm trying to do is find out how to re-install my XP-300 EPSON printer to a wireless network. Have no idea what this page is trying to tell me. I don't need nor want 7zip, Pro PC nor any of those other core eating programs.
    I just need to know how to re-connect my printer.

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